There’s no cost! Buildingflyers.com is an open resource for anyone who manages a property worldwide. If you manage a community, a hotel, a commercial office space, an AirBnb, restaurant, college dorm, or any type of building structure this site can be a valuable resource for you to communicate key messages on professionally created flyer designs. A Disney graphic designer created 200 of these flyers!

Buildngflyers.com is a free resource for everyone to use.

step#1: enter the flyer library

step#2: use the search button to search the topic that you flyer will be about;  for example: wet paint, pool opening, under construction

step#3:select the flyer template that you like the most and if there is a print-ready option you can select a flyer that already has a message or you can quickly add text to our flyer template

step#4: you can save the flyer and print or e-distribute your new flyer

Once you’ve selected a print-ready flyer or you have added your own text to one of our template designs, you can save that document as a .pdf on your device.

Buildinglfyers.com is constantly updating our flyer library. If we have a flyer that is in high demand, then we will create it. So please submit your flyer request, and if there is high demand for that flyer you may see it in the library in the future. In the meantime, please utilize our templates to create the exact flyer that you desire!

Please email info@buildingflyers.com to have any support issues addressed.

Buildingflyers.com will save you time, increase your efficiency, and improve your communication with your residents or your particular audience!

How much more efficient would you be if you could generate communications to residents within seconds of an event occurring? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a maintenance manager, building engineer, leasing agent, concierge log, or any team member simply post the appropriate notice related to an after-hours event? We want you to have peace of mind knowing that the document will be consistent with other posted notices, professional, and visually eye-catching.

On buildingflyers.com, you will have the ability to create quick and attractive flyers utilizing our easy-to-use templates. We’ve already done the formatting and design.

You may select a print-ready flyer if it already captures what you want to say. OR…You select one of our beautiful templates and just fill in the pertinent details (like, title, date, time, and location), and that is it!

You are just a couple of steps away from decreasing your administrative tasks and increasing your communication with your residents. This is the easiest management decision you’ll make today, and it’s also the best one you will make all year!

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